Newshub Bids For Broadcast Rights To Zoi’s Dad’s Speech At Her 21st

Sean Synnott being interviewed on Newshub and Zoi with 21st balloons


Following the viral popularity of Sean Synnott’s profanity-laden interview about his daughter Zoi’s Olympic gold medal this week, Newshub appears to be hungry for more Sean. 

They are allegedly in talks with the family to obtain rights to broadcast Sean’s inevitably epic speech at Zoi’s 21st birthday in March.

A source close to Newshub explained to the Whakataki Times that it’s not every day that you come across on-screen talent like Sean Synnott. “Newshub would be stupid not to try and get more from Sean. He’s just too good! Belongs on TV!” said the source who wished to remain nameless. 

“They may as well cash in. Zoi’s going to make plenty from product endorsements, so her dad may as well make a bit of money too!

“It’d just be a broadcast of Sean’s speech at Zoi’s 21st, where he’d most likely humiliate his daughter, not only by telling embarrassing stories from her childhood, but by also probably being massively steamed himself.

“That Newshub money would easily cover the venue hire, and probably a decent open bar as well, which would suit the old fulla well”.

The Whakataki Times was unable to reach Newshub or anyone else for comment.

More to come. 

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