OPENING OLD WOUNDS: Rebecca Black Nervous That “Friday” Will Be Next On Trevor Mallard’s Playlist

Rebecca Black Friday protests



Rebecca Black, singer of the ear-penetrating viral humiliator, Friday, is feeling as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. 

As Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard attempts to annoy anti-mandate protesters with a mix of Barry Manilow, Macarena and COVID-19 advertising, Ms Black is worried her 2011 offering will be next on the list.

Black shot to Youtube fame as a teenager 11 years ago, when she released a music video that was widely touted as the worst thing anyone had ever heard or seen. 

The Whakataki Times was unable to reach Black for comment, presumably because she’d turned her phone off to avoid further ridicule. 

Whakataki pop culture expert and gossip columnist Mojo Jones believes that depending on how much longer the protests go, Rebecca Black is very likely to end up on Mallard’s playlist. 

“If the Speaker of the House is thinking of updating his list, Friday has got to be on there. Like, if he really wants to annoy the protesters enough to make them get off his lawn, then that’s the song that’ll do it.” said the gossip blogger.

“I mean, with lyrics like Kickin’ in the front seat, Sittin’ in the back seat, Gotta make my mind up, Which seat can I take?…  imagine hearing that on repeat while you’re sitting in your tent, soaking wet at parliament”. 

James Blunt has also taken to Twitter, offering up his own punishing music to clear out the parliament grounds. 

More to come.

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