Soon To Be New PM Chris Hipkins Will Officially Replace “Be Kind” Slogan With “Spread Your Legs”

chris hipkins giving press conference.



Chris “Chippy” Hipkins is set to stamp his personality on the prime ministership when he takes over the top job in February. 

After no-one else wanted to take on the responsibility of leading Labour into a deeply humiliating election defeat, Hipkins agreed to captain the sinking ship. 

The first point of order however is to toss out the tired old “be kind” message, which was not resonating with many New Zealanders, and to replace it with something more fun and flirty, like “Spread your legs”. 

We caught up with Chippy about the new direction he’s taking Labour. “The market research on the ‘be kind’ message found that a lot of people didn’t think that the lockdowns and the mandates were very kind, so we thought we’d try a different approach,” said Hipkins. 

“In one of my speeches about covid I used the phrase ‘spread your legs’ when I really meant to say ‘stretch your legs’, so just having a bit of fun with that. Bit of humour. 

“I don’t want to take myself too seriously in this role,” he said, as he no doubt knows the chances of him remaining as Prime Minister past October are slim.   

More to come.

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