Zoi’s Dad Urged To Have A Few Waters Before Tonight’s Live Interview

Sean Synnott with waters



New Zealand’s newest national treasure Sean Synott, father of Winter Olympics gold medallist Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has had a bit of a prompt to ‘just have a few waters’ before embarking on what will no doubt be another iconic profanity-laden live interview after Zoi’s Big Air event.

The encouragement to knock back a glass or two of H20 before going live on national TV is not believed to come from close family or friends of Synott, but the nation’s television executives who are currently nervous wrecks. It comes after Newshub was snowed under with complaints from baby boomers about his live interview last week, which included back-to-back F-bombs.

The Whakataki Times spoke to Helen McLeod, Executive Producer from Wanaka News Today, who explained her brittle state ahead of Zoi’s bid for her second gold medal in Beijing.

“I guess for us we are just wary of the timing of her event. Her Big Air final is at 2:30pm NZT and no doubt Sean will be getting well underway before midday. Then if she wins..hell, we can’t even have him live on our show until 6:40pm during the sports break. It frightens me how many beers he could knock back before then” said McLeod who was visibly nervous.

McLeod then explained her plan to interview Sean, should Zoi take out another historic gold medal.

“Look, I think I’ll have to just have a few waters on hand and maybe even offer it to him a good 20 minutes before we go live. By that time he’ll be in the same state he was last week. We’ve just gotta roll with it as it’s a given,” explained McLeod who was now highly strung.

Attempts to reach Sean at his Wanaka home were unsuccessful, but he is believed to be “Pretty f***ing excited” about today’s event.

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