Remembering Face Mask A Step Too Far On Top Of Wallet, Keys and Phone

Steve Morgan forgetting face mask in street.


Whakataki local Steve Morgan has confirmed his place in his boss’s bad books today after being late to work for the second time in as many weeks. 

The 26-year-old scaffolder told the Whakataki Times that during his morning routine he forgot his face mask, an additional item that has been tacked onto the traditional house-leaving combo of wallet, keys and phone.

“Ohh my bloody face mask! Again!”, he cursed himself as he stopped dead in his tracks. Fully aware of the suffocating expectation that everyone wear face coverings on public transport, Morgan accepted his fate, turned and trudged back to his dreary flat.

“My walk to the train station is seven minutes, okay, there’s no room for error. If I forget something vital then it’s all over”, Morgan explained. 

He was three minutes into his walk when he was struck by the day-ruining realisation that the fourth item, a very cheap plain black face mask, was still sitting on the bench at home. 

“How the hell is anyone meant to consistently remember four things in the morning? Three should be the maximum – wallet, phone, keys. Four is too much.”

“All because of bloody covid!”

Morgan, now on a verbal warning from his employer Whakataki Construction, has been asked to take the humiliating next step of putting a plan in writing of how he will ensure he’s on time for work in the future. 

“I guess I’ll write a checklist or something? Problem is once you’re in that morning zombie-like state, the best plans in the world go straight out the window.

“And in case you’re wondering, prepping for work the night before is completely out of the question”.

More to come.  

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