REPORT:  ‘What the Fuck Are NFTs?’ Asks Everyone

Tara Harris with her hands on her head trying to find out what NFTs are by googling on her phone


The Whakataki Times can report that the explanation of an ‘NFT’ being just a “non-fungible token” has been met with furious indignation on a large scale. This was after the vague explanation once again failed to make anything any clearer. 

Whakataki local Tara Harris, 26, was just one of many who expressed their frustration to the Whakataki Times after attempting to find out what an NFT actually is.  

“So NFTs are just crappy JPEGs of cartoon monkeys?” asked the customer service representative. 

“It’s like people are trying to make complex words for words we already have? It’s just a collectors item isn’t it? What the fuck? But it’s a digital collector’s item that can easily be exactly copied by anyone at any time? How can that be valuable?” 

Harris, who was still scrolling on her phone as she Googled “What is an NFT?” again, bleated out her latest find before the Whakataki Times reporters could get in more questions.

“So pretty much art cryptocurrency, but shitty art?”

“No wait, it’s just another way of money laundering? I’m sick of typing NFT!” screamed Harris who was now in an uncontrollable rage and seconds away from crying.

More to come.

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