TVNZ Attempt To Improve Ratings By Axing Long Running Show People Actually Watch

Fair go poster



In a bold move to tackle plummeting ratings and revenue, the brains trust at TVNZ has announced its decision to axe one of its longest-running and most beloved shows, Fair Go, along with the midday and late-night news bulletins.

The announcement comes as TVNZ faces increasing pressure to compete with streaming services and digital platforms. However, instead of investing in high-quality content that could attract viewers to one of NZ’s most well known media platforms, TVNZ seems determined to slash its way to profitability.

A TVNZ executive speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke to The Whakataki Times.

“We firmly believe that our viewers will embrace the new direction we’re taking.”

The lack of specifics about this so-called “new direction” only served to fuel scepticism among viewers, who wondered aloud if TVNZ executives were living in an alternate reality.

“It’s a sad day for TV in New Zealand. They’re taking away the only show that stood up for the man on the street! ” bellowed John Smith, a long-time viewer of Fair Go.

Dunedin viewer Emma Brown echoed Smith’s views 

“Fair Go was one of the few shows my family and I watched together. How the hell is canning one of the most popular shows going to help them lift ratings and revenue?”

“I mean, yeah cancel the midday and late night news. I don’t know if anyone really watches them.

“But surely you try to save a highly watchable program like Fair Go. Imagine if they tried doing this to Country Calendar!”

More to come. 

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